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For each occupation you wish to benchmark, list the key skill areas and levels to be covered.

  • Create custom assessments for specific jobs, and administer them to your highest-performing employees.
  • Have the rest of the employees take the same tests, and compare their results with the high scoring ones.
  • Use the resulting reports as a blueprint for designing your training program.

Employee Appraisals

Skill assessments are a necessary step in your ongoing employee appraisal process, to develop your staff.

  • Crux Management Services (P) Ltd helps you determine which employees have the skills to move up to a management position, for example, by testing the required soft skills, such as communication, leadership, management, and organizational skills.
  • We help you use the data from appraisal assessments to chart growth and support qualitative reviews.
  • We set specific improvement goals across different skill areas, to be tested again at regular intervals.

Assessment for Employability and Skills Testing

These skill assessments help in recruiting the right talent and supports competency development.