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Learning Solutions

Our flexibility, depth, and breadth of expertise allow us to deliver top quality solutions that are directly tied to key business goals. Crux Management Services (P) Ltd brings in its experience and expertise to design, deliver, and evaluate learning solutions. Our solutions align and help support our core belief in the ‘Transfer of learning to the workplace’, and the required impact on the business through increased revenue, decreased costs and increased productivity.

Our Solutions

We understand that the most successful organizations develop and deploy the right people and talent leadership practices. Our leadership development solutions enables our clients to achieve alignment of strategic direction and risk, position the right people in the right roles, and effectively attract, deploy, develop, recognise and reward people. We focus on organizational capability development.

People and Change teams at Crux Management Services (P) Ltd serve our clients across industries. Our professionals bring extensive experience and they work collaboratively with clients to support and establish a scalable, optimum and repeatable way to assess and develop the ‘people’ and business skills, most and highly correlated with success. The focus is towards more engaged employee’s stronger leadership pipeline, and a learning-agile culture enterprise wide.

Our Methodology

We design programmes in five distinct steps Engage, Establish, Evolve, Ensure, and Enable. This approach allows for a deep understanding of the business issues and enables us to efficiently deliver a programme that brings about a lasting change in the organization and the participants.

Crux Management Services (P) Ltd employs a unique and researched model for learning solutions. We use E5 approach for the learning programmes:

  • Engage with the Stakeholders
  • Establish Learning Needs
  • Evolve Learning Solution
  • Ensure Learning
  • Enable Practical Application